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The Capture Manifesto

A combination of the 17th century Italian word manifestare and the Latin manifustus, a manifesto literally means a “public declaration of that which is obvious.”


Survey Says!

In “Survey Says!” writer Sean Hill introduces one of Capture Higher Ed’s exciting new tools for enrollment management, Capture Recruitment Intelligence (CRI).


What’s In A Model

This is a question we receive a lot. The question is asked in the spirit of wanting to know whether a predictive model can be trusted. It makes sense when approaching a predictive model as being a causal explanation of some behavior.


The Value of Alumni Relations – Part 2

We now know alumni engaged online are 300% to 700% more likely to give. But, to get a real understanding of the value of online relationships are they likely to give more?


The Value of Alumni Relations – Part 1

In advancement, we have long preached the value of relationships…but how does alumni engagement translate tangibly into dollars and cents?


Marketing Automation for Higher Ed

You’ve spent your team’s time and energy building a great CRM, writing, creating and loading amazing content. It’s time you get your message out in the marketplace and marketing automation is the best way to do it.


The Capture Prospect

Introducing Capture Prospects. Finally, there’s a way to capture your stealth prospects. All the students you’re going to enroll are on your website, over and over.


CBE Lite for Mongoose

Capture Behavioral Engagement (CBE) is the leading marketing automation product in higher education. This innovative tool that tracks prospective student engagement and website behavior has been in production with 60+ institutions.


Envision Challenge

Compare Envision’s accuracy to your current predictive model vendor, or simply try it before you buy. No risk. No obligation. No cost.


CBE and Handwritten Notes

Start reaching students on a more personal level. CBE can now be used to generate handwritten notes to your prospective students.


CBE for Advancement

CBE helps identify and track both anonymous and known visitors to your website, delivering timely communication based on each visitor’s interactions.

Biola University

Biola University

Out of the 146 visitors that clicked, this Dynamic Content helped influence and remind the visitors to secure their enrollment with their deposit. Of those 146 that clicked, 117 enrolled at the institution


Capture Recruitment Intelligence

By leveraging real-time insights, your institution can provide prospective students with the information they require to make a decision about where they will attend.


Email Marketing

With Capture Email Marketing services, we create and send branded, personalized emails with targeted content to students segmented by their status.


Direct Mail

At Capture, we believe in direct mail that’s smart, so we implement a targeted approach that delivers personalized mail pieces that will have the most impact.


Envision Predictive Modeling

Introducing the most advanced and comprehensive prediction engine in higher education: Envision. Setting a new standard for enrollment management predictions.


Hook Their Interest … and Keep It

Gaining and keeping the attention of high school students in the higher ed market is becoming increasingly more difficult. Your goal is to understand what drives them to take an action.


Screen Time:  Understanding Generation Z

Generation Z … a rising population of some 65 million young people who, by 2020, will account for 40 percent of U.S. consumers.


The History of Enrollment Management

Enrollment Management, or Strategic Enrollment Management, has become integral to the success, and even continued existence, of many colleges and universities today.


Undoing Uncertainty: The Value of Predictive Modeling in College Admissions

In making predictions and judgments under uncertainty, people do not appear to follow the calculus of chance or the statistical theory of prediction.

Graduate Recruitment Strategies That Make The Dean's List

Graduate Recruitment Strategies That Make The Dean’s List

Join Amanda Scott as she interviews Jack Klett, a former Associate Dean of Graduate Studies, on the challenges of modern graduate recruitment in an online landscape.

Alumni Tracking: Today's Fundraising Frontier

Alumni Tracking: Today’s Fundraising Frontier

Simply pouring more money into existing solicitation channels does not produce more gifts when alumni have chosen a relationship with your institution elsewhere.

A Tuition Reset Analysis With Drew University

A Tuition Reset Analysis With Drew University

Listen in as Dr. Robert Massa, Drew University has an open conversation with Jamie Gleason about how Drew University utilized the strategy of tuition reset to increase their fall 2018 enrollment.


Biola University

This pieces of dynamic content was served to anonymous visitors engaging on Music major program pages.


Digital Display Targeting

Digital Display Targeting (DDT) is Capture Higher Ed’s multi-channel suite of online tools used for discovery, engagement and influencing prospective students and parents through customized digital ads.


Creative Portfolio

When you choose Capture, you’re partnering with creators, collaborators and storytellers who help define and discover the underlying truths that make your institution exceptional.


Social Media in Higher Ed

Today’s teenagers leave little of their daily lives to the imagination, now that smartphones and social media apps are readily and constantly available.

Dominican College

Dominican College

This was another communication piece to target non-applicants and anonymous visitors expressing interest in the institution.


Alderson Broaddus University

Academic Scholarship Calculators can be embedded on existing Partner page or custom Capture Landing Page. Completed forms can also trigger other forms of dynamic content.


What’s App with Gen Z?

Social Media can be a huge contributor to your recruitment efforts if used correctly. The entering class of 2016 is Gen Z, and the first of their kind to enter your doors.

5 Ways Enrollment Predictions

5 Ways Enrollment Predictions Are Driving Colleges Out of Business

The modern enrollment manager’s employability depends on estimating and then producing a class with certain characteristics and financial dependencies.


Capture Behavioral Engagement – Product Sheet

CBE enables more effective communication with your prospects by providing access to students’ real-time behavioral data on your website(s).

Reaching Planned Giving Prospects Overlooked by Research

Reaching Planned Giving Prospects Overlooked by Research

Why is such a large population of planned giving prospects overlooked by existing research methods?

Davy Crockett waving the orange Power T flag at home football game

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville

While the university has a strong application flow, the goal of this particular campaign was to increase the number of UT prospects.

Belhaven Camoys

Belhaven University

Belhaven partnered with Capture Higher Ed to introduce and drive prospective students to the university’s new Academic Scholarship Calculator located on a landing page Capture created.

How To Brand Your School Like A Boss

How To Brand Your School Like A Boss

Join Capture brand and marketing experts, Kristen Fisher and Alysha Rice as they dive into top techniques to make your brand shine.

Top Ways To Increase Your Recruitment Efforts This Fall

Top Ways To Increase Your Recruitment Efforts This Fall

Colleges and universities continue to grow their digital advertising budgets. For the first time ever, digital advertising has surpassed TV advertising in the higher education space.

Top Ways to Market to Generation Z

Top Ways to Market to Generation Z

Thank you so much for joining Capture’s webinar, Top Ways To Market to Generation Z.

Biola Campus

Biola University

Among Biola’s partnership goals with Capture Higher Ed is to expand the university’s reach and increase its international student population.

Tusculum College

Tusculum College

Tusculum teamed with Capture to drive inquiries, international inquiries and applications; promote various academic programs, campus visits and scholarships; and increase deposits.

University of Toledo

University of Toledo

While Toledo has a strong application flow, the goal was to increase overall applications and be more strategic in specific application populations, especially in the area of international inquiries.

Western Kentucky University

Western Kentucky University

While WKU has a strong application flow, the goal was to increase overall applications and be more strategic in specific application populations, especially opportunities in the areas of geographic diversity and ethnicity.