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Combining the principles of big data and best practices in enrollment management better than anyone in the industry, we are able to deliver viable, acceptable applicants to our partner institutions.

Capture Behavioral Engagement

CBE is a web-based dashboard that helps identify and track your institution’s web traffic.

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Envision Prediction Engine

Our patent-pending predictive engine utilizes machine learning and a non-linear analytics tool set to accurately predict not only who will apply, but who will enroll.

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Digital Display Targeting

Our Digital Display Targeting services include 6 unique products to deliver customized banner ads to students.

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Recruitment Intelligence Surveys

Recruitment Intelligence includes state-of-the-art surveys which provide intelligence on how your brand is perceived by students.

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Search Consulting

Our Search Consulting services use historical and ongoing data analysis to develop the smartest strategy for purchasing names to find qualified, mission-fit prospects.

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Email Marketing

We create and send branded, personalized emails with targeted content to students segmented by their status.

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Direct Mail

We use Direct Mail as part of an integrated approach to increase brand awareness and encourage student responses and conversions.

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