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Episode 20 – Rethinking the Application with Ken Anselment

Take a look at an application from your institution from 10 years ago. How different is it from your current app? In many ways, the application and the processes around it have change dramatically over the past decades, but the centrality and importance of the application itself has changed very little. Why is that? Why is the application really so important in a world that is constantly looking for ways to simplify like processes? Is it simply there to gather information, or is it a kind of filter for less interested students. And what would it look like to blow the whole scheme up? Ken Anselment, Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid at Lawrence University grabs a beer with Thom and Brad to discuss. Apologies for some of the feedback echoes in the audio, trust us, we tried everything!


Thom: Country Boy Brewing, Lexington, KY,, Cliff Jumper IPA,

Brad: Left Hand Brewing, Longmont, CO,, Milk Stout Nitro,

Ken: Lakefront Brewery, Milwaukee, WI,, Centennial IPA,



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What if Google ran the college application process? by Jon Boeckenstedt,


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