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Episode 14 – Is Enrollment Management Ready for AI?

If artificial intelligence and smart automation can change the way dairy farmers approach their work, why can it not do the same for enrollment managers? Many industries have embraced the power of AI to promote growth and dramatically improve efficiencies, and in so doing continue to challenge what is possible. Even so, there is tremendous angst in the public domain about artificial intelligence as illustrated by a recent untrue story about Facebook shutting down two AI bots because they presumably learned too much. How can Enrollment Managers cut through the noise and analyze AI and automation options that are available now, not in some distant future? Thom and Brad invite you in to grab a cold one and join the debate in this latest episode of The Weightlist.


Thom: Wiseacre Brewing Company, Memphis, TN,, Ananda IPA,

Brad: Surly Brewing Company, Minneapolis, MN,, Hell Lager,


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