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Case Studies

Geographic Diversity and Ethnicity – Western Kentucky University

Partnership Control

While WKU has a strong application flow, the goal was to increase overall applications and be more strategic in specific application populations, especially opportunities in the areas of geographic diversity and ethnicity.

Solutions Utilized

WKU partnered with Capture to utilize two main solutions:

Capture Behavioral Engagement (CBE)

  • Capture tagged over 100 WKU web pages – including all of Admission and Academics.
  • Campaigns utilizing marketing automation features like popovers, toasters and triggered emails were used to target prospects, inquiries, applicants, accepted applicants and deposited students — with the bulk of the campaigns being focused on increasing applicants and diversifying the applicant pool.
  • Capture Affinity Index (CAI) and Capture Engagement Scores (CES) were gathered on all known and anonymous users – with known user matches and data being sent to WKU’s CRM.
  • Daily visitor reports with student engagement and customized triggered emails were built for admissions counselors to help identify top candidates and generate more meaningful conversations with them.

Digital Display Targeting

  • Email Targeting was used to help drive WKU brand advertisements to applicants’ smart phones even when they weren’t browsing the WKU website at that time.
  • IP Targeting was utilized for the entirety of their freshman search. The WKU brand was then delivered directly into the homes of those students that WKU purchased from name-buying sources.
  • All digital ads took the students back to WKU’s admissions pages where they were encouraged via CBE to complete the next step in the process.


  • WKU’s Fall 2017 application pool was up 1% from Fall 2016 or 99 students.
  • WKU’s Fall 2017 application pool had an ACT score increase of .2 points from Fall 2016.
  • WKU’s Fall 2017 out-of-state applicant pool increased by 3.7% from Fall 2016.
  • As a sample of one application-generation CBE campaign – WKU delivered 600 triggered emails to identified, high-value students in their inquiry pool the same day they had just visited their web site, and 21% of those students receiving this email went on to complete the application process.
  • CBE’s CAI and CES scores helped WKU plan and deliver their own internal communications to support the application generation efforts, which led to increased efficiencies for their counselors and time saved on contacting non-responsive inquiries and applicants.

About The Partner

WKU is a large, public state institution located in Bowling Green, Ky. serving over 20,000 undergraduate, graduate and non-traditional students.

Products Utilized

Capture Behavioral Engagement

“CBE has become an essential tool for our team. We are able to better communicate with students based on their interests and engagement. The creative work developed by Capture has always been forward-thinking, thoughtful and complimentary to our existing campaigns.”

John-Mark Francis
Director of Admissions
Western Kentucky University