Student Outreach

We build our communications strategies based on our expertise and on our partnership with our clients.

The materials we then create — including innovative emails, banner ads, smart direct mail and more — are sent on behalf of our partners. Our team has launched literally hundreds of campaigns. We have the experience and the knowledge to get the right message to the right prospect – at the right time. We have tested and iterated thousands of email messages to discover what it is that prospects want to know, and when. But we know that every school is unique, with different goals that require distinct approaches.

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Student Outreach

Capture’s Digital Display Targeting services use a multi-channel approach to deliver customized display ads to prospects. We tailor the content and creative of each ad for your specific audience segments. These display ads promote brand awareness, engagement, conversions and the effectiveness of all your other marketing campaigns. Our Digital Display Targeting suite of products provides a complementary approach to online advertising using the most innovative technologies available.

Household IP

Using patent-pending technology, we are able to target ads at a household level based on IP address. We match IP addresses based on data from your prospect lists, and serve ads only to devices within those homes. This ensures much more accurate targeting to the students and parents you want to reach.


With this technology, we can target ads to a specific geographic location and range. This means you deliver content anywhere you choose, including libraries, classrooms, residence halls, and campus common areas. Additionally, your digital ads will be positioned in front of students on websites that they already tend to visit.

Paid Social Prospecting (PSP)

PSP is a powerful tool that allows you find and target prospects through custom audiences based on demographics such as location, interests, education level, degree type, behaviors and more.

Email Targeting

This solution targets individuals based on their email address, no matter where they are located. Prospects need only open an email to be served ads over web and social media.


Customized ads are served to users who have visited your website with this product. This method keeps the brand in front of the prospect and can be a great reminder to complete an action, such as applying or signing up to visit.


We create and send branded, personalized emails with targeted content to prospects segmented by their status. Their engagement (e.g. opens, click-thrus, etc.) triggers a custom communication flow to maximize conversions.

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We use Smart Direct Mail as part of an integrated approach to increase brand awareness and encourage responses and conversions. Full-service design, production, and mailing services are included.

Our landing pages provide prospects with the information most relevant to them and typically include a specific call to action like a short web form. These responsive sites are designed to match the look and feel of your university’s brand.