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Success Stories

Stetson University – Success Story

Partnership Goal

Stetson wanted to increase awareness, inquiries, applications and enrollments to their institution with a highlighted focus on their Adult Degree Completion (ADC) program.

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Campaign Details

Through a Paid Social Prospecting (PSP) campaign, Stetson ran ads on Facebook and Instagram for 42 days to a custom-built audience in Florida area locations. The ads encouraged users to learn more, apply, or sign up for information sessions. Ads then landed users on content-related pages on Stetson’s .edu site where Capture Behavioral Engagement (CBE) software was present in addition to web retargeting, which served ads to users that didn’t take the desired action.


CBE is able to tell us that this PSP campaign contributed to the following:

  • 3,286 people clicked through ads
  • 351 people became identified
  • 50 inquired

About The Partner

With an enrollment of approximately 4,300 undergraduate and graduate students, Stetson University is a private, nonprofit university with four locations in DeLand, Celebration, Tampa and Gulfport, Fla.

Products Utilized

Capture Behavioral Engagement, Student Outreach