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What Is Marketing Automation and Why Is It Relevant?

As all marketers know, our field is ever changing. Marketing Automation (MA) is the new buzzword on the block, and I’m here to tell you that you need to know the basics.

MA is a technology that enables companies to communicate with their prospects in simplified and effective ways. With marketing automation, a piece that is sent to a prospect will be triggered by an action they have taken, giving them information that is most relevant to them.

Examples of Marketing Automation for a college or university:

Failure to finish an application

Lets say student X makes it halfway through their application but then doesn’t submit. Marketing Automation would allow you to use this action as a trigger to send the student a follow-up email, text or phone call.

Retargeting with digital ads

We’ve all been there, we go to a site, get distracted, and then leave. Retargeting ads are shown to people who have visited your site. These ads could be shown to them anywhere from Facebook to Not only is this method great for getting students back to your site it also builds brand awareness.

Repeated visits to a page

Students are doing their research before committing to a college or university. If a student visits your Financial Aid page three times in one week, that action could trigger a popover on your site that says, “Check Our FAQ page on Financial Aid.”


Being accepted to college is exciting. Having a personalized, automated email sent to a student after they enroll is a great way of welcoming them to your institution.

Some stats on why Marketing Automation works:

Time Saver: Eighty-six percent of marketers said “ease of use” was the most important factor when choosing a marketing automation platform,” according to the digital marketing company, Regalix. Marketing Automation will help streamline some of those everyday outreaches.

Higher Quality Prospects: Research done by the firm Pepper Global states that a main benefit of MA is the ability to generate more and better quality leads.

Nurturing Prospects: The consulting firm Forrester Research says, companies that do well at nurturing their prospects, generate 50 percent more commitment ready leads.

So there you have it. Marketing Automation is on the upswing and may be the perfect technology to add to your current marketing strategy. For a more in-depth view of marketing automation, check out our blog, Marketing Automation: There’s A Lot To Think About.

Kristen Fisher, Brand Manager, Capture Higher Ed

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