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Graduate & Professional Studies

Graduate students are stealthy. This isn’t their first college search, so they shop your programs online — and then often apply out of thin air! So how do you influence their behavior?

The answer: through digital marketing and behavioral engagement, a potent combination Capture partners have used to increase their graduate pool size by up to 33 percent.

Digital marketing increases new and repeat website visitors. Behavior engagement identifies and communicates with visitors while they are on your site — and after they leave — to influence and help with the next step in their enrollment journey.

Does your digital marketing allow you to track what your prospective graduate students are researching on your website? Does it let you know what pages they are visiting and returning to, and then give you the ability to deliver helpful information to them in real-time?

Take your GPS marketing to the next level with Capture Behavioral Engagement (CBE) and Digital Display Targeting (DDT).