Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Capture Behavioral Engagement

1. How much time is this going to take for our IT department?
2. How fast is implementation time?
3. Can this technology differentiate between more than one IP address at one home
4. Does this work across devices?
5. How does this system migrate into my current CRM/ERP?
6. What are the differences between CBE and other marketing automation tools (HubSpot, Marketo, etc.)?
7. My school is already using Google Analytics on our website to track visitors. Why would we want to use CBE?
8. What is the current process for managing multiple users on the same device (twins, siblings, etc). How do we track that data?
9. What technology is used for your ‘toaster’ dynamic website content? Does it work on smart phones too? Can it be blocked by pop-up blockers?

Questions about Envision

1. What’s an ensemble model?
2. What’s the difference between a linear and non-linear model?
3. I’m used to looking at p-values and R-squared values for my models. How do I know if your model is accurate?
4. What do your performance statistics mean?
5. Why do you predict from prospects to application, not to enrollment?
6. What features are in my model?
7. We already have more deposits than the total number that Envision is predicting. Does that mean the prediction is wrong?
8. My enrollment model is predicting that we’re below target. What should I do?
9. When should I submit data for another iteration?
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