Enrollment Prediction

The only comprehensive predictive engine in the market today. Our patent-pending predictive engine utilizes machine learning and a non-linear analytics tool set to accurately predict not only who will apply, but who will enroll.

Until now, the only enrollment management predictive models available are theoretically specified predictions being derived from a limited set of variables that are assumed to fit the data. Those models are antiquated, sometimes running only once per year. That’s why we created Envision, an empirically based engine that automatically selects indicators best suited to our partner’s data.


Our sophisticated engine for 21st century recruitment is powered by a winning trifecta of data; Contextual, Individual and Behavioral. For the 2017 class, we were 98% accurate in both applicant and enrollment predictions. With this kind of accuracy, our partners are able to confidently make the decisions that shape their enrollment class. Accurate models pay for themselves by helping partners eliminate waste in their recruiting efforts.

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Our Search Consulting services use historical and ongoing data analysis, and information from our Envision Prediction Engine, to develop the smartest strategy to find qualified, mission-fit prospects.

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Our Capture Recruitment Intelligence line of data products includes a state of the art Pre-Recruitment Survey and Yield Engagement Survey, which provide detailed and actionable intelligence on how your brand is perceived by prospective students.

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At Capture, data rules. Our team of data scientists and analysts is committed to making data for our partners easy to understand and use so that schools can make the most strategic decisions when it comes to recruitment.

Thom Golden

Thom Golden, Ph.D.

Vice President of Data Science

14 years in higher education, with expertise in enrollment management, strategic marketing, psychometrics and developmental psychology

Former Senior Associate Director, Vanderbilt University


Brad Weiner, Ph.D.

Director of Data Science

13 years in higher education, including admissions, research, and analytic advisory roles

Former Analyst, Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, University of Minnesota

Peter Barwis

Pete Barwis, Ph.D.

Senior Data Scientist

Over 11 years experience as a statistician and research analyst for a variety of sectors, including higher ed

Former Statistics and Technology Analyst for the University of Notre Dame