Behavioral Data and Analytics

The best way to learn about prospects is to observe what they do.

That’s where CBE comes in. This innovative tool monitors visitor behavior on our partners’ websites so that we can learn more about what they are looking for and send them targeted messages in real time. This intelligence enables more intentional real-time marketing opportunities.

How does it work? We incorporate big data, machine learning and data science to create a proprietary Capture Engagement Score (CES). This score helps guide your influential communications strategy that is unique to your institution. The communication strategy is then delivered by CBE’s marketing automation capabilities, allowing for 1:1 communication with users based on their demonstrated behavior.

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Capture Behavioral Engagement

Billy Peirce

“Our team couldn’t wait to start utilizing all the features of CBE. The options are endless on how we can communicate 1:1 with prospects.”

– Billy Pierce of The University of Toledo

Types of dynamic content

We’ve created nearly a dozen ways to communicate with your prospects in real-time. Each of these tactics is chosen based upon the goals of your institution. Our team of CBE experts will help advise on where to start with your first campaign.

CBE Toaster

A small graphic that slides up from the bottom right corner of the webpage and displays for approximately 30 seconds. These small ads are directed towards visitors, and have a specific call to action. They can be programmed to show to very precise groups of people, or to a larger populace.

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CBE Popover

A graphic or short piece of HTML content (such as a video) that takes over the full webpage and must be closed in order to view the original page content. We have found that successful popovers, like toasters, should have a specific call to action that is clearly defined for the visitor. Popovers will display only once, regardless of the action taken by the visitor.

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CBE image swap

A graphic with a specific message that replaces an image currently on the partner website when viewed by a visitor matching specific behavioral or demographic criteria. IMAGE INSERTS can also used to add a new image onto a page. We have used this method to provide special messaging to specific groups.

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A short form that collects basic information such as name, email, phone number, etc. in order to identify a visitor. Completed forms can also trigger other pieces of dynamic content.

An email sent to a visitor once that visitor has taken the desired action. Often, the email will provide information based on what content the visitor has viewed, or on other actions taken.

A cumulative list of identified visitors that have performed an action or exhibited a specific behavior. University personnel can then use this list to target communications for these visitors.

An email sent to a specified university officer when a prospect has performed an action, such as requesting, updating or providing information.