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Redefining Higher Education Marketing

A stream of stealth students and donors visit your website daily. You just can’t see them.

Capture Behavioral Engagement (CBE) and Envision Predictive Modeling give you the ability to identify, target and communicate with interested and engaged prospects in each step of the student decision journey.

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Capture Behavioral Engagement

Capture Behavioral Engagement (CBE) is the first marketing automation software created specifically for higher education. CBE allows you to track, analyze and report on visitors’ real-time site behavior, giving you the ability to better communicate the right message at the most relevant time.

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Student & Donor Outreach

Capture’s full service marketing includes everything from email and digital ads to direct mail and search consulting. Personalized to your brand and prospective students and alumni, when Capture’s marketing is paired with CBE and Envision it’s like connecting the dots and creating the most intelligent marketing outreach in the industry.

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Envision Predictive Modeling

Capture’s predictive engine, Envision, forecasts which students are most likely to apply and enroll. This data helps your institution make more informed decisions about your student recruitment and donor outreach, which in turn results in a more cost-effective strategy.

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