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Envision A One … With 340 Zeros To the Right

On the Weightlist, Capture Higher Ed’s podcast about new technologies and enrollment management, data scientists Thom Golden and Brad Weiner often highlight different numbers that tell a unique, thought-provoking story.

During a recent episode, Thom introduced a number that he actually had to research to find out what it was called — duodecillion. That’s a one with 340 zeros out to the right of it.

“There’s this whole taxonomy of names for large numbers,” he said. “I always thought that anything beyond a trillion or a billion was like cartoon names … cagillion-billion-gagillion. But it actually has a name.”

Thom mentioned the prodigious number, duodecillion, because it represents the unique number of numeric combinations you can experience with Envision, Capture’s predictive engine that combines various machine-learning algorithms to build ensemble predictive models for application, enrollment and financial aid.

“We use a lot of data points, so that’s basically the number of combinations of all the data points we currently use,” Brad added. “Technically, if somebody sent us a very big data set, that number could get significantly larger.”

In the case of Envision, duodecillion comes from the thousands of variables in its proprietary data set and represents the potential combinations that could stem from that.

Experience the duodecillion possibilities Envision can offer your institution. Take the Envision Challenge and let us run your data. The challenge is free and will allow you to see for yourself how Capture uses multiple machine-learning algorithms used separately and in combination, multiple types of data, automatic feature selections, dynamic scoring as well as how we can retrain your model within the enrollment cycle.

It’s the kind of technology that will help you make smarter, more accurate decisions that directly affect your college’s bottom line.

Kevin Hyde, Content Writer, Capture Higher Ed

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