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Capture Named One of Inc.’s Best Workplaces 2017

Last week, Capture Higher Ed Brand Manager Kristen Fisher wrote a blog about fostering an amazing workplace culture and used Capture as a shining example of how to do it. But don’t take her word for it. In news that surprised exactly zero people at the company, Capture has been named one of Inc. magazine’s Best Workplaces for 2017.

“You know you have a winning culture when you can match people’s personal and professional goals,” says Capture CEO Steve Huey. “In the start-up world, you don’t set out to do mission-easy or even mission-hard, you set out to do mission-impossible. So while everyone at Capture signed up for a challenge, they also signed up to build the greatest culture in Louisville so we can achieve great things together.”

Hitting newsstands in the June 2017 issue, the Best Workplaces list is the result of a wide-ranging and comprehensive measurement of private American companies that have created exceptional workplaces through vibrant cultures, deep employee engagement and stellar benefits.

Out of thousands of applicants, Inc. singled out just over 200 winning companies.



What does it take to become a company that workers want to be part of? Inc. magazine says it’s more than good pay and good perks — it’s also about having a clear purpose, a sense of humor and leadership that makes the two work together.

The 2017 Inc. Best Workplaces assessed applicants on the basis of benefits offered and employees’ responses to a unique, 30-question survey taken by each of the applying companies. For its results to qualify, each company had to achieve a statistically significant response rate based on employee count.

All companies had to have a minimum of 10 employees and to be U.S.-based, privately held, and independent — that is, not subsidiaries or divisions of other companies.

The Best Workplaces survey was built in partnership with work culture experts Quantum Workplace of Omaha, Neb., and is meant to be a magnifying glass on how innovative companies can truly raise the bar in hiring and retaining the best talent.

While researching the entries, Inc. saw distinct themes develop:

• Strong company cultures breed stunning individual and team performance.

• Workers at the best companies don’t view their employers as sugar daddies. They aren’t mesmerized by whatever giveaways seem to be the latest fad — be it gourmet lunches or beer fridges.

• When employees feel valued by their organization, they are far more likely to be engaged. This single factor proved to be one of the largest drivers of employee engagement.

In addition to the lighter side of Capture’s office culture — like bring-your-dog-to-work days, trivia battles, ping-pong tournaments, themed potluck lunches, and celebrating company victories with champagne — Capture also provides employees a more meaningful stake in the company’s success. Capture recently became one of the first companies in Louisville to provide ownership in the form of option grants to the first 50 employees in the company.

“Working for Capture has been the best experience of my professional career,” one employee said in the Inc. survey. “I am fulfilled, rewarded, encouraged and motivated by the work I do.”

Another employee talked about how, in the face of rapid growth, the work environment has remained the same: inclusive, dynamic and fun. “I would recommend this as a place to work for anyone interested in a place where diverse ideas are accepted and work is appreciated and recognized regularly.”

Capture also has a tremendous culture of feedback,” another employee wrote, “which allows us all to get better. We are granted autonomy to fix problems where needed and instead of spending months talking, we simply solve the issues.”

Founded in 2011 with one employee and one client, Capture uses data and technology to attract, engage, and recruit mission-fit students for its partner colleges and universities. Headquartered in Louisville, the company now has served more than 100 higher education institutions across the country, and been recognized by Fortune as one of the greatest places to work and by Inc. 5000 as a fastest-growing U.S. company.

By Ellen Stubbs, Vice President of Marketing, Capture Higher Ed

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