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Why Capture Loves Our Partner, Western Kentucky University

When Western Kentucky University signed on with Capture in 2016, we were so excited to work with a school that’s not only in our home state but also the alma mater of so many Capture-ites.

Founded in 1906, WKU is located in Bowling Green, Ky., and has a student population of more than 17,000 undergraduates. The university offers more than 170 areas of study.

Western’s mission is to prepare students of all backgrounds to be productive, engaged and socially responsible citizen-leaders of a global society. The university provides research, service and lifelong learning opportunities for its students, faculty and other constituents while enriching the quality of life for those within its reach.

At Capture, we work with our partners to help recruit amazing classes of students, but we won’t take all the credit. Our partners give us amazing brands and great materials to work with. They also have talented teams of people in their admissions offices working hard everyday to make our job easier.

Here are just a few ways Western Kentucky University is killing it on their recruitment game.

Totally Optimized Website

We all know that Gen Z loves their mobile devices. Your site has to be optimized, like our friends at WKU. Gone are the days of the pinch and zoom to read a page on your phone. That’s because 85% of Gen Zers do their research online. This includes checking out prospective colleges.

WKU has made their site mobile friendly, where students can find information about the school, tuition, financial aid, and even apply online. Ease of use is very important and all of this optimization is key to engaging students who are visiting your site.

Social Media For Days

Most colleges and universities know the importance of using social media. But are you engaging with students on all the different social platforms? Are you giving them the opportunity to participate themselves?

WKU does this really well. For Snapchat, they created filters that students or anyone on campus can use. On a recent Instagram post, they engaged with students who are close to graduation day. And on Youtube they use actual students for videos that help promote their brand and give prospects information about the school.

Branding That Speaks Volumes

With almost 4,000 colleges and universities in the nation, getting noticed isn’t always as easy as you’d think. Some university brands are recognized nationwide, while others attract more of a niche or local market. Whatever your school is after, your brand is a key component.

WKU gets it right with their brand. It’s simple, yet vibrant. Their website evokes a feeling of school spirit and a postgraduate life of opportunity. Western is a huge name on any Kentucky high school senior’s list and that is due in part to their awesome brand.

Looking to up your website, social media and branding game? Check out WKU. They do it right!

By Kristen Fisher, Brand Manager, Capture Higher Ed

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