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Knowing Who Is Interested in You: The Power of 16

The benefits of knowing who is on your school’s website — researching specific programs, learning about your admission requirements and more — may be summed up in one number. Identified students enroll at 16 times the rate of non-identified students.

Capture Higher Ed offers the tools to identify your stealthy visitors, gauge their interest and display personalized messages at the moment that matters most — when they’re engaged on your site.

Designed specifically for higher education, Capture Behavioral Engagement, or CBE, might be the perfect tool for enrollment managers. It allows them to create automated marketing campaigns based on whatever their goals might be. Recruiting international students? Wanting to attract more transfer students? Trying to convince accepted students to commit?

It works for all of it. The average click-through rate of CBE’s dynamic content is 5.9 percent, which is eight times the marketing automation industry average.

With CBE, you guide students through a personalized journey, highlighting values and programs that best represent your school, creating a quality experience for everyone involved. Target the students you want … and meet them where they are.

You also can easily update the CBE campaigns as goals shift and change, which they inevitably will during the course of a complex recruiting cycle. Using the live dashboard and visitor engagement score, you can measure the interest of a prospective student. A profile is created through the collected data enabling you to see what each visitor is interested in, which helps you communicate with them wherever they are in their college decision journey.

Sometimes, it’s just easier for us to show you what we’re talking about. That’s why we created this two-minute demonstration. If you think it looks cool, request a more extensive demo. We look forward to showing you what we can do.


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