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Are We Just Taking Credit? Putting Capture To The Test

There is a central doubt that some of Capture Higher Ed’s partners have about us, and it comes in the form of these questions: Were the students who inquired, or applied, or enrolled going to inquire, or apply, or enroll anyway? Did Capture Higher Ed actually drive those students to take their actions?

Or is Capture just taking credit?

It certainly seems like our email campaigns have an effect. For Fall 2017 Senior New campaigns alone, more than 13,000 students who we emailed went on to apply; more than 135,000 went on to inquire. It’s unlikely all those students were going to apply and inquire anyway.

Well, one of our partners — a small, Christian university on the West Coast — decided to put us to the test. At their request, we withheld 10 percent of the university’s Fall 2018 and Fall 2019 campaigns as a comparison group and didn’t communicate with them.

The results?

Students who we emailed were eight times more likely to become inquiries than those we withheld.

Campaign Group Total Inquiries Rate
2018 Emailed 47377 863 1.8%
2018 Held out 5277 16 0.3%
2019 Emailed 21656 251 1.2%
2019 Held out 2410 3 0.1%
Total Emailed 69033 1114 1.6%
Total Held out 7687 19 0.2%

So yes, a few students would have inquired anyway, but for the vast majority of students who inquired, Capture influenced them to that point of their student decision journey.

By John Foster, Senior Data Analyst, Capture Higher Ed

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