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Capture Mythbusters: Rejecting 5 Enrollment Management Myths

The model being sold to universities for marketing to prospective students is not working. It’s defective. Broken. Kaput. A big reason for this is that these models operate under a set of myths. Which myths are true and which are not? Sounds like a job for Capture Mythbusters! (That’s not a real thing. We just made it up for this blog.)

Here are five enrollment management myths Capture Higher Ed rejects.

Myth 1: You have to spam students to get them to respond.

Simply buying more names and sending more emails will not resolve the challenges facing higher education. Universities need a strategy that utilizes modern technology and data tools that measure student engagement with greater sophistication than the one-size-fits-all deluge of mail and email approach.

At Capture, we believe this spamming approach cheapens an institution’s brand, is less effective, and in the long run is not fiscally sustainable.

Myth 2: Completion of the inquiry form is the most important call-to-action.

Just because a student completes an inquiry form does not mean that he or she is interested in your institution. At Capture, we have found that students engage with colleges and universities in a variety of ways, and by measuring and modeling those pathways, we can provide a more nuanced view of a student’s interest in your school.

Stop using conversion rates and start measuring engagement.

Myth 3: You have to buy names to make your class.

Search marketing certainly has its place, but we have found that a strategy balancing both inbound and outbound communications is more effective.

In the Information Age, the sharing of personal information is the most prized asset someone controls. The sharing of such a valuable gift must be earned through the exchange of deeply relevant information.

We have found that large and small colleges alike have significant inbound marketing potential if provided the right tools. Our tools allow for one-to-one engagement with students who are already interested in your institution’s brand, and can do so at scale.

Myth 4: The stealth applicant is real and represents a problem for colleges.

The notion of a stealth applicant is a relic of a less sophisticated enrollment approach. Just because a student does not complete an inquiry form does not mean they are disengaged with a college’s brand. Using Capture’s tools, an institution can begin to capitalize on the natural inbound interest students are demonstrating right now on its website.

Myth 5: The funnel is still a viable model for understanding an institution’s pipeline.

The funnel is dead. Capture utilizes the latest adolescent psychology and consumer engagement research to develop the Student Decision Journey that more accurately describes the true ebb and flow of student decision making.

Excerpted from The Capture Manifesto.

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