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Capture in The Chronicle: Evolving Student Recruitment

Capture Higher Ed was featured in a recent issue of The Chronicle of Higher Education for a fascinating article about rapid evolution in college student recruitment.

In the July 27 story, “Measuring Clicks, Emotions, and Brain Waves: Student Recruitment Keeps Evolving,” writer Eric Hoover describes how the multibillion-dollar enrollment management industry is leaping forward from the days of using limited information about prospective students to chasing “nuanced data, gleaning insights not only from demographic profiles, but directly from students’ behavior.”

The writer compares CBE — Capture’s automated marketing tool that monitors prospective student behavior on partner websites — to the way a company like Netflix tailors film and television recommendations for each subscriber based on viewing history and other criteria beyond basic demographics like geography, age and gender. He describes Capture’s behavioral engagement as “a fancy term for responding to what folks do online. With the company’s system, a college can track an individual user’s activity on its site.”

The story also outlines how CBE customizes user visits to college websites and, along the way, has the ability to match the IP address of anonymous visitor to information a college already has on the visitor.

“So when a high-school student ‘opts in’ by clicking a link in an email or filling out a pop-up window,” Hoover writes, “the system syncs up her previous browsing data, and — boom! — the college can see that it’s Susie from St. Paul who’s clicked on the biology department’s page 12 times in 21 days.”

This kind of marketing automation, the feature points out, is a vast improvement over traditional student recruitment in which admissions offices do not consider a student a serious prospect until after he or she contacts the college and becomes an inquiry. The college then showers that prospect with messaging that might not be inline with his or her interests.

Thom Golden, Capture’s senior vice present of data science, tells Hoover that the old way misses too many opportunities: “Most colleges are only sending information to students who have popped up above the water, but there are many others below the surface.”

By Kevin Hyde, Senior Content Writer, Capture Higher Ed

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