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Over 250 Form Fills in Under 24 Hours: Calculate That

Earlier this summer, Capture Higher Ed sent out a CBE-powered, ad hoc email on behalf of one of its long-time partners — a private, Christian liberal arts university in the Southeast.

The email, which was sent to a little more than 20,000 prospective students, introduced and linked to the university’s new Academic Scholarship Calculator located on a landing page Capture created.

Out of the 2,600 prospective students who opened the email, 394 went on to click the link to the calculator — an impressive 14.9 percent. Out of the 394 who visited the landing page, 251 visitors completed the form. That’s a 63.7 percent conversion!

The 251 visitors completed the form in less than 24 hours. Since the initial launch, there have been over 481 submissions to date.

All of the form submissions went to a new “PID Forms Inbox” for the university’s admissions team to easily download. Using our cutting-edge CBE technology, Capture also increased identification by tracking every visitor that clicked on the link and filled out the form.

The calculators represent a new way of providing potential students with awarding amounts while encouraging them to engage with our partners. Beginning with 2018 senior campaigns, providing exact awarding amounts within emails is unnecessary. By giving prospects a link in the email to the calculator, Capture allows students to input their own information to view their own award eligibility.

It gives the student an accurate picture of how much aid he or she is likely to receive as well as helps the school collect GPA and standardized test scores in cases they didn’t already have them.

Find out more about all that CBE can do.

By Jackie Pratt, CBE Product Manager, Capture Higher Ed

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