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Up Your Marketing Game With These Cool Apps

I like to think of myself as an organized person. Not that you would know that from looking at my desk, but that’s neither here nor there. When it comes to marketing, I have a process that works for me, but I am always looking for new marketing apps to help me be more efficient, make my company look even more badass than it already is, and keep me organized.

Check out some of my fave marketing apps that will rock your little marketing loving face off!


Marketing Apps

Ripl is a free download, fun to use and brands itself as, “A Marketing Team In Your Pocket.” I really like it because it’s user friendly, and it makes your social media post more eye catching. The tool would best serve small campuses that are killing it on social media but could use a little help looking cool and not spending a lot of money.


Marketing Apps
Mention is a social listening app. On any campus, it’s important to know what people are saying about your school. This app could be used to interact with prospects and students in the moment, or to monitor negative statements and address them sooner rather than later. This can be a really useful tool and it is also free to download.


Marketing Apps
If This Then That is great for helping you automate some of your social media outreach, as well as help you build some reports as well. Essentially, you build “recipes” for your social media, which basically means you are choosing a trigger and then deciding the action that will happen based on that trigger. For example, I can set up a trigger to automatically add all tweets to a spreadsheet that have the hashtag #highered


Marketing Apps

Buzzsumo is one of my favorite places to do content research. You can type in any topic or domain and it will find all the articles that mention it, as well as social media engagements. You can search within a certain date range or as far back as five years. One negative is that it’s free to an extent, but if you want to review all the results you do have to pay.

With these four apps, you will be on your way to taking your marketing game to the next level.

By Kristen Fisher, Brand Manager, Capture Higher Ed

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