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Capture Eclipse: Shine A Light on Your Culture

During yesterday’s incredible solar eclipse — the first total eclipse visible across the entire contiguous United States in nearly 100 years — the loss of productivity in the path of totality was estimated at $200 million. That was nearly a third of the nation’s total cost of lost productivity, which reached nearly $694 million according to an estimate by outplacement company Challenger, Gray, and Christmas.

It was totally worth it.

At Capture Higher Ed, we seized the astounding amount of interest in the celestial event to host a Solar Eclipse Party. (See above photo.) In one of our recent blogs, “Creating a Lasting Culture Among Your Admissions Team,” Capture Brand Manager Kristen Fisher shined some solar light on our office culture.

“We work hard and we have fun together,” she wrote. “Building a culture where people are excited to come to work is so important. People who are excited about their jobs work harder. They will give you better results. Companies with happy employees outperform the competition by 20 percent.”

Besides increasing productivity, happiness is contagious. One of the easiest forms of communication when it comes to life-event sharing is social media. With this being said, relaying a positive culture can create a good online image for potential applicants to take into consideration and can help encourage others that engage with your social media channels to share the same sort of delightful content.

Social media can be used to spread the word about a variety of content — but its main goal is simple. Be social, authentically. Not every post has to be a sales pitch or heavy with information. Don’t make your followers feel like they are being spammed. While sharing fun content, students still get your brand image in front of them and can also see what kind of genuine experience they can expect from your university.

Learn more about engaging with potential students in our recent article “Hook their Interest… And Keep It.”

By Alysha Rice, Digital Content Specialist, Capture Higher Ed

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