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Build Some Proactivity Into (What Remains of) Your Summer

Is your admission’s office reactive or pro-active? At first glance, I think most in the enrollment management space would admit to being a little bit of both.

Most try to think ahead of the chaos and turmoil that might be around the corner but remain responsive when a need must be met. As I think back on my time as a director of admissions, I remember so many days when my best of intentions were on my mind at 8:30 a.m. … but by 11:15, there was somehow no semblance of order.

As we all know, sometimes chaos must rule.

With summer more than halfway over, why not take a moment to build some proactivity into your summer and early fall schedules. Here are a few ideas:

Staff Summit

Using an on- or off-campus meeting space — maybe a space that is new or different — plan a meeting of the minds for some or all of your admission’s staff. Brainstorm about the effectiveness of your year. Don’t only focus on the bad news (celebrating wins is critical), but do not avoid the needed areas of improvement to make the next recruiting cycle even better.

Allow the staff to “green light” — they have great ideas. Prepare in advance and plan to come away with three to five things that you and your team must improve upon in the upcoming cycle.

Preview Your Travel Season

This time of year, you are no doubt inundated with opportunities in the coming fall to travel. But choose wisely. Don’t just keep going to a place because you have always gone there. Look at the enrollment patterns that are on display in your applications and make sure that you are putting your staff in the right places.

AND, if you need to expand travel territories, it’s not too late to find some new stops in developmental or emerging markets.

Celebrate Outsiders

Every school has them, the unsung heroes of the admission’s process. But here’s the catch; they don’t work in admissions. Sometimes it’s a faculty member who really shines at Open House; or a member of the Residence Life team who takes care of the staged residence hall show room; heck, it could be a maintenance or cafeteria worker who seems to always get mentioned on the student visit evaluations.

Take five minutes to buy these critical “outsiders” a coffee, or write them a handwritten note to express your thanks to them.

By Jamie Gleason, Senior Enrollment Advisor, Capture Higher Ed

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