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10 Emerging Graphic Design Trends of 2017, Part 1

We’re almost halfway through 2017, and just like every other year, graphic design trends have already come and gone. So far, 2017 has been the year of Cactus prints, Voice-Enabled Tech (think Alexa and Siri), Fidget Spinners and Unicorn everything (thanks to Starbucks Frappuccinos), just to name a few.

Similar to pop culture, the world of graphic design is constantly changing and evolving. While some graphic design trends fade, others stick around for many years. In this two-part blog , I’ll break down 10 emerging graphic design trends we’ve seen thus far in 2017, and also unveil new trends on the horizon that will take the year by storm. Here are the first five.

  1. Designs Inspired by Nature

Graphic Design Trends

2017 is the year we return to our organic roots. Pantone put this trend in motion, by crowning Greenery the color of the year, which evokes the start of spring and new beginnings. The natural world is a rich place for inspiration. This year, colors, textures, shapes and proportions will speak the language of the outdoors.

  1. Loud & Bright Colors

Graphic Design Trends

Over the past decade, designers have utilized muted, safe and easy to digest colors to create a very clean and controlled design scheme. This design style emerged on the scene with Apple, but has been replicated over and over again, by many brands. Now, in 2017, companies are breaking the mold by shifting from neutral colors to bolder, brighter colors. Spotify and Instagram are examples of companies who have had success by infusing bright colors to give their brands a fresh new look!

  1. The Past Idealized

Graphic Design Trends

Our audience’s desire for nostalgia solely drives this design trend. This year we will see a spike in designs that fetishize handcrafted typography, blind embossed background patterns, intricate and ornate crests and lithographic illustrations. This style pushes an illusion onto the consumer that hands have touched it, not just machines.

  1. Bold Typography

Graphic Design Trends

With the declining attention spans of readers, as well as the saturation of content online, we can expect to see an explosion of big and bold typography across different mediums this year. Loud, daring fonts combined with concise, punchy copy will be used to grab the viewer’s eye.

  1. Minimalism

Graphic Design Trends

Stand out, by standing back. This year, ultra-minimal typography, intentional white space and reduced focal points will still remain cutting-edge. Our audience has a serious need to cut through the noise, and by using minimalistic designs we can speak clearly to our over-saturated and overwhelmed consumer.

In Part 2 of this post, I’ll discuss five more emerging design trends this year, like using authentic photos and cinemagraphs, focusing on brand clarity, and videos, videos and more videos. Stay tuned!

By Chelsea Grider, Senior Graphic Designer, Capture Higher Ed

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