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Measuring Engagement: The Capture Affinity Index

Capture Higher Ed’s proprietary Capture Affinity Index (CAI) is a measure of a student’s engagement with a school over time. In this way, it’s a measure and not a prediction.

However, we have found that CAI and its constituent elements do correspond with a student’s likelihood to apply and enroll. This means measuring their engagement — how often they visit a website and what they do when they get there — does give us a true indication of whether a student is interested in attending a school.

For instance, here are the Fall 2016 Decision Ready Applicant (DRA) rates for students who have Capture Behavioral Engagement (CBE) activity:

Any visits to a school’s website: 26.3%
2+ visits: 39.5%
3+ visits: 52.0%
50+ visits: 88.7%

And the enrollment rates:

Any visits: 5.9%
2+ visits: 10.7%
3+ visits: 15.8%
50+ visits: 82.3%

CAI Levels by Status

The CAI is an accurate indicator of the level of student engagement. Students with higher CAI’s are more likely to apply and enroll. Look at these average raw CAI’s by status.

On average, an applied student has a 60 percent higher CAI than a suspect who has visited the website. An enrolled student has more than twice the CAI of that suspect. CAI accurately measures student engagement.

By John Foster, Data Analyst, Capture Higher Ed

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