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Preparing For Launch: T-Minus June and Counting

Capture Higher Ed is pushing to launch as many partner campaigns as possible in June. Here’s why — June-launched campaigns have been some of our most successful. Look at the new-to-Decision Ready Applicant (DRA) rates by campaign launch month over the last year. This is for all senior campaigns. The orange line shows the new-to-DRA rate and the blue bar shows the volume of names by month.

June had the best conversion rate out of any month. That rate drops steadily over the course of the enrollment year. This trend holds up when looking at current partners who had campaigns in previous years (before Fall 2017).

In both cases, June has been a successful month to launch a campaign. However for Fall 2017, Capture did a better job launching campaigns earlier, including seven times the volume in June compared to previous years.

The other consistent trend is that November has been the highest volume month to launch campaigns, but has consistently produced below-average conversions. We should start communicating to those students in October or earlier when possible.

There may be additional factors in play beyond launch date. To account for that, we built a random effects model accounting for the difference in schools in order to isolate the effect of starting earlier. On average, for every three months earlier the campaign starts, you can expect to add about .2% to the new-to-DRA rate.

In summary, we can say confidently that it’s in our partners’ best interest to launch as many campaigns as possible in June … and launch campaigns as soon as possible otherwise.

By John Foster, Data Analyst, Capture Higher Ed

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