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Call On the Students Who Aren’t Raising Their Hands

Are you interested in knowing who is interested in you? Which prospects keep visiting your site but haven’t yet raised their hand?

Recently, one of Capture’s partners, a small liberal arts college in the Midwest, wanted to find out who their secret “hot prospects” were, so we created a custom report for them. Sent over once a week, this export contains a list of visitors to their website in the Suspect status whose Capture Affinity Index (CAI) score significantly increased over the course of a week.

The CAI is an accurate indicator of the level of student engagement.

Now this partner has eyes on those who have taken a sudden interest in their school and are still in a Suspect status. The names of these prospects are sent to the school on Monday mornings, giving the admissions team time to strategize on how they will contact these visitors and strike while the iron is hot.

During the first five weeks of the export service, more than 1,200 names were sent over to this particular partner. Furthermore, during those first five weeks, the college moved 856 prospects from the Suspect status in their pool to the Inquiry status. The goal of this initiative is to identify interested visitors at the beginning of their student decision journey and keep them engaged on the partner’s site.

Students with higher CAI’s are more likely to apply and enroll. Below you will find the average raw CAI’s by status.

On average, an Applied student has more than twice the CAI of a suspect. An enrolled student has more than 20 times the CAI of that suspect.

Jackie Pratt, CBE Product Manager, Capture Higher Ed

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