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Facebook Event Blows Up Pitt Financial Aid Pages … In A Good Way

With Capture Behavioral Engagement (CBE), our partners know how many visitors are checking out their website and who they are. They can monitor this activity through the CBE Daily Visitor Report. Earlier this month, the University of Pittsburgh got everyone’s attention when its Daily Visitor Report jumped from the typical 100 identified visitors per day to well over 600.

What happened?

Typically, when emails are sent out — either on Capture’s end or on the partner’s end — we see an increase in website traffic the following day. However, this time around neither Capture nor Pitt had sent out an email. After a little ad hoc investigating, Capture Labs discovered that there was a significant increase on the financial aid pages.

This was because Pitt had held a “Financial Aid Live” event on their Facebook page through “Facebook Live,” a feature that offers live-streaming video capabilities to users. Prospective students who were “following” Pitt on Facebook had their phones pinged with a notification about the live stream, which was a Q&A session on the financial aid process.

The students could watch the presentation in real time, or go back to the Pitt Facebook Page and watch it after the recording was finished. This resulted in the huge increase in traffic to the financial aid pages on Pitt’s website.

Social media can play a significant role in driving traffic to a partner’s site, which CBE will pick up on as long as we are tracking the pages they are driving visitors to. Capture already is working with our other partners to further integrate social media activities into our CBE content to create these opportunities across all of our partners.

It’s just another way we can gain the kind of “recruitment intelligence” that enables our partners to communicate one-on-one with prospects based on demonstrated behavior.

By Jackie Pratt, CBE Product Manager, Capture Higher Ed

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