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Checking Back With a Czech Student: Multi-Channel Marketing at Its Best

The customized retargeting feature of Capture Higher Ed’s Digital Display Targeting (DDT) suite recently worked some overseas magic for one of our partners. It was a great example of how keeping your brand in front of a prospective student can motivate that student to make a move.

Retargeting involves sending customized ads to those who have visited your website in the recent past. These ads are perfect for reminding a prospect to complete an action, like filling out an application for admission or signing up for a visit.

In late November of last year, a student from the Czech Republic clicked a retargeted ad from a Capture partner — a private, Christian university on the West Coast. The ad took them to the “Financial Aid and Scholarships” page of the school’s website.

During that visit back to the website, the student ended up inquiring, creating an account and starting an application. Within two months, the student had completed the application process and was admitted to the school.

This is DDT’s multi-channel approach at its best. It allows Capture’s partners to customize their ads to students — in this case to appeal to an international audience segment, stimulating brand awareness and engaging the student one-on-one.

Using the most innovative technologies available, Capture’s Digital Display Targeting is the complementary approach to online advertising that can put your student recruitment over the top.

Request a demo and see what we’re talking about.

By Kevin Hyde, Content Writer, Capture Higher Ed

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