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Why Capture Loves Our Partner, The University of New Mexico

The University of New Mexico joined the Capture family in July of 2016. We welcomed the Lobos with open arms as our first partner in New Mexico.

Right in the heart of Albuquerque, UNM was founded in 1889 and is the flagship institution of the state. Home to more than 20,000 students, the university is nestled on a beautiful, 800-acre campus that echoes nearby historic Pueblo Indian villages.

Students are able to choose from more than 96 undergraduate degree programs and have access to innovative research as well as a creative atmosphere where their endeavors can flourish. Their impressive list of faculty members from around the world includes a Nobel Laureate, two MacArthur Fellows and 35 Fulbright scholars.

The University of New Mexico is a well-known name across the U.S., and that’s because they are great at all things branding and marketing. Here are just a few ways they are awesome at attracting students.

A Beautifully Designed, Easy-To-Navigate Website

It has been said that Millennials are the web natives, but Gen Z is the generation that has had this technology since birth. It’s not uncommon to see children as young as two years old navigating their way through an iPad with more ease than some adults.

Students in your upcoming class will be expecting nothing more than a stunning website, with engaging content. “Don’t judge a book by its cover” does not resonate with this group. They are looking for an experience on your site, and if it’s not a positive one, you may lose their interest.

The University of New Mexico does an amazing job of providing a great user experience. Their website is clean and information is easy to find.

Capture research shows that the top three pages that prospective students look at on university websites are: the home page, admissions pages, and financial aid pages. UNM makes navigating clear, starting with their home page, where students are just one click away from financial aid information and an application.

Information for Prospects, The Way They Want It

Digital content is 100 percent necessary in your marketing efforts. Your prospects are doing their research online. They are watching videos about their future peers. And they need to be convinced that your school is the best one for them.

Eighty-five percent of Gen Z is watching their videos online. They are watching so much video in fact that they are consuming more than 12 full hours a week of free video via websites like YouTube.

The University of New Mexico is on their “A Game” when it comes to videos. Their YouTube channel speaks to prospects in many different ways, with everything from residence and greek life to tours of the campus to even your standard promotional video, which if done well, like UNM, is great for your brand.

Digital Ads and Marketing Automation — The Future of Higher Ed

Digital advertising is a smart way to build brand awareness for any company. Lucky for higher ed, your prospects are the perfect recipients for digital ads, because they are always online. When you pair that with marketing automation, you have a winning team.

Digital ads can be used to remind prospective students and their families of your brand, about an upcoming open house, or even just a reminder to finish their application. You can even target specific students right in their home with personalized ads, right at the moment it matters most, which is where the automation comes in.

UNM is great at building brand awareness with their ads, keeping the university top of mind for their incoming class.

Ready to up your marketing game this year? Check out The University of New Mexico for some inspiration. They are on top of it in all aspects.

By Kristen Fisher, Brand Manager, Capture Higher Ed

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