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Capture Behavioral Engagement: Learn By Observing

Capture Behavioral Engagement (CBE) not only monitors behavior patterns on our partner’s websites, but also gives us good insight as to who the actual visitor is and how likely they are to apply.

How does it work? Using big data our data scientists created a proprietary Capture Engagement Score (CES). This score helps guide communications strategy that is unique to an institution. This strategy enables one-on-one automated marketing communication with users based on their demonstrated behavior.

If a prospective student visits a school’s website, he or she is about 10 times as likely to apply compared to a student in their campaign (purchased name) who does not visit the site. The best way to learn about students is to observe what they do. We learn more about what students are looking at, what interests them, and then send them targeted messages in real time.

Below are the Decision Ready Applicant (DRA) rates for students in campaigns who have CBE activity:


Google Analytics tracks and reports website traffic, but with CBE you get so much more. Not only are you receiving data and behavioral patterns of visitors on your site, but you can also see exactly who those visitors are and link them up with the information from the school’s CRM.

Combined, this gives us a richer picture.

Jackie Pratt, CBE Product Manager, Capture Higher Ed

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