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11 Memes Only Admissions Teams Will Get

At Capture Higher Ed, we love our admissions friends. Many Capture employees have even sat right where you are, and have faced some of the same struggles as your teams. Don’t get me wrong, working in admissions is rewarding in so many ways, but sometimes you just need a good laugh. Check out these 11 memes that only admissions teams will understand.


1) When someone tells you they want to get into admissions, but has no idea the amount of work that goes in to it.


2) Like, they literally have no clue!



3) When travel season is so close to being over you can taste it; and it taste like sweet victory.



4) When a great prospect starts an app but just won’t complete it.


5) The parents … all the parents!



6) They will literally say anything to get their child into your school.



7) You put in the work, even when everyone else is out.



8) But there is always that beautiful light … at the very end of the tunnel.



9) … and sometimes, awesome things to celebrate.



10) … and even more to celebrate …



11) Then you remember, why you do it all.


The hard work of admissions teams doesn’t go unnoticed at Capture. Thank you for all that you do.

By Kristen Fisher, Brand Manager, Capture Higher Ed

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